To celebrate the launch of my website today and We Are Collision’s 3rd birthday on 27th October, I am giving away some cash prizes. All you have to do is follow my social networks and We Are Collision’s social networks. One social network is one entry so you can enter up to 3 times if you follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can be entered additionally on each social network by @ a friend, so you can enter up to 6 times guys

Minimum age for entry is 11 and prizes are listed below:

  • 1st – £100
  • 2nd – £75
  • 3rd – £50

Closing date for the competition is the 31st October and the winner will be announced by Latoya Lovell on 7th November.

Payments will be transferred via PayPal, so please ensure that you have a PayPal account or access to one. International entries will be accepted and payment can be converted to your currency.