Several brands will say they’re sustainable but only a few have ever wowed me with actually showing their commitment, We Are Tea, is one of the brands that not only put on a great evening but also showed how environmentally friendly they are. I was lucky enough to attend their Press evening organised by Nudge PR and it was amazing. Think Gin that’s been steeped with Tea Bags to make some amazing cocktails; apparently that’s a thing but as always I am late to the party, let’s just say I have some steeping now as a consequence. Make sure you head to We Are Tea and check out there tea range which is made up of 25 + teas, you can figure out which one you’ll be using for your next cocktail.

As I approached the venue it looked very calm and quiet but inside was a plethora of Tea treats that I didn’t even know existed. The first thing I saw was a lovely display of house plants courtesy of ‘Patch’ on the bar which was fully stocked with Rock Rose Gin. There was a selection of 3 cocktails and I must get the recipe for my favourite because trust me you need this cocktail in your life, ‘Natural Elegance’ which consisted of:

Earl Grey and Moroccan Mint Donuts

Earl Grey and Moroccan Mint Donuts

Chamomile Tea Cordial
Rockrose Gin
Dry Sherry
Orange Bitters and

The cocktails had their own Bocanicals table which consisted of different things you could add to your foods including, fruits, herbs and spices. I met a lovely man called Skirmy all added Pink Peppercorns, Pomegranates and a sprig of Thyme. I don’t know if it made his cocktail taste better but it looked great. Although there were so many sweet treats around, the cocktails were the least of my guilty indulgences that evening. There were two different ‘Melting Moments’ to try which were like macaroon style biscuits, one with A Berry Burst infused cream and one infuse with Earl Grey. They were so soft and they definitely crumbled in your mouth I wished I had a container to hide some in my bag and take home. The ‘Melting Moments’ were not the only food that I got to munch on, however, as there were also Milky Earl Grey and Moroccan Mint Donuts and also Jasmine Rice Salad Bowls. I would have loved to take a few home to be fair but unfortunately that would not have been something to do.

The highlight of the event apart from the amazing goody bag was the Gin and Tea Bubbles. These were shots of Gin and Tea that were sealed in some kind of chemical reaction with a coating. You pop it in your mouth and bite down and your mouth is literally bursting with flavour. There were two flavours but I was loving the Berry one again. I think a lot of people were impressed as well because that is where I met a new group of friends, who between us I think may have helped to finish the Rice Bowls and  the Bubble shots. But that’s what life is for right? Creating epic memories.

At an early 8.30 I headed home from the event with my goody bag and a smile on my face. Each patron at the event is having  a tree planted for them, so I know every time I sit with my Simplicitea Infuser and drink my Sencha Green Tea. I’ll think about my tree somewhere out there. Makes me feel better about all the writing I do in the digital world. Drinking Tea is a part of British culture and so is Gin, combining the two is a genius idea and the next time I cook for my friends there will definitely be, We Are Tea Cocktails, being enjoyed.