Critrun Series

An urban fantasy novel

The Critrun, an urban fantasy novel, tells the story of Ellie South, a normal sixteen-year-old girl who is about to start college. After her father’s death, a man she has not seen in fourteen years, she uncovers the family secret; one that has been hidden her whole life. Ellie discovers she will develop superpowers and be given a mystical stone, a Critrun on her eighteenth birthday. What Ellie does not realise is that she is already developing her superpowers and as her father’s letter warns, she has many enemies, who will stop at nothing to destroy Ellie and steal the Critrun. She has yet to learn her fate, however she is bestowed with two guardians, the Fae-Janu, called Vashti and Varja who will help her on her journey. However, not even they know the role she must play or the true power of the Critrun.