Unless you’ve been living under a rock you should know about Mission Riddim X by D Dark. Not only has D Dark made a song that features Scrufizzer, Lady Lykes, Roachee, X. Ploder and Maxsta but the beat is also heard in the song ‘Light Work’, Chipmunk’s diss track to Bugsy Malone. Last Wednesday, I travelled to Shutterbug in Shoreditch and met up with the artist to talk music, hats and Uh Uh.

When I first heard the Mission Riddim X song I was bobbing my head waiting to hear Chipmunk’s voice. At first, I thought I was hearing a remix and then I realised I was hearing a whole different track. The features on the track all have their own style but I must admit Lady Lykes is one of my favourite verses next to D Darks obviously. The video is very simple and makes you focus on what is being said as we only see the artists individually when it’s time for them to perform. D Dark is not stopping here, however, he mentioned that he is working on some new tracks and his EP. I for one will be keeping a close eye on this young gentleman and as soon as that pre-order is available I will be downloading.