When you’re invited to meet Donaeo the answer is definitely yes! Donaeo is a household name for UK Funky House music. I made my way to London and went and had a sit down with him, he states that his signature dish is ‘jerk chicken’, he helps around the house and he sings. I look at him and am puzzled as to why he’s single but Im sure when the ladies realise this and hear him sing this wont be for long.


I have been a Donaeo fan since the early days of Party Hard and Devil in a blue dress so I was very interested to find out how Donaeo’s music has evolved from his early musical career. He explained ‘his music emulates what he is listening to a lot now’ so with his new single Mami No Like, the ‘core is funky, the vocals are based on trap and the groove is from Afro beats’. When it comes to his taste in music, Donaeo has said that he likes undercover artists and is currently listening to the likes of ‘Yemi Alade – Johnny’ and ‘DJXclusive featuring Wizkid – Jeje’. I went and had a listen to the tracks and I must admit not only does he make good music but I also respect his taste in music. With the vision of an album on the horizon, which will be more melody based than funky, my interest is definitely piqued. Although it is in the making, he feels ‘this is a different kind of project because he has only ever pushed the funky side of his music’. Although I could not get him to fester skank he has said he can and that should be obvious when you see some of the moves he has displayed in Mami No like as well as his other music videos.

After getting my selfie from him and a sneaky cuddle I left the bar to go and again listen to Mami No Like, as I had been informed that this was based on his life and he is hoping to release more personal tracks. As I told Donaeo I am waiting patiently to hear this album because it will be nice to hear more heartfelt lyrics from the Mami No Like singer. Especially the one about the cute girl he met in a bar that interviewed him.

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