There was a fireplace there was a white rose and Kyle Lettman, what more could I ask for on a cold November day. Unfortunately for me it wasn’t a date I was interviewing him about the expected release of his new EP ‘Under Construction’ on the 27th of November. Not that I am complaining, he was very easy on the eyes and a gentleman to speak to.

Kyle is no stranger to the music business and when he was lucky enough to work with people like Harmony Samuels previously there is no question to his musical ability. However, it is the younger brother Mo Keys from S.O.S that he thinks ‘anyone who loves R’n’B would love the music that they would make’. After listening to his EP I had to tell Kyle that my favorite song mirrored his and it was ‘Hills and Oceans’ also, if you like old school R’n’b you would need to listen to this. The album has quite a mixture of sounds ranging from Bashment to R’n’B and Kyle seems quite happy to dip into whichever sound he feels fit. When asked what he would do if he could not be in the music industry he said he would be a ‘soldier’. Now I would love to see Kyle Lettman in a uniform and I am sure that a lot of other females would as well and the good news is, that he is single, ladies. However you would need to be an epic woman to keep this man as he thinks that ‘falling in love is awesome but sometimes being in love is final’.

After finding out the theme of his next video ‘Matter of Time’ feat Coco Dupree, I was left semi flustered on my way home. Let’s just say that he has promised that there will be some bedroom scenes that were quite suggestive to film but he was very conscious of ‘respecting Coco and not offending her’. I obviously got my quick Selfie with Kyle and returned home to listen to his EP again, I must say if you haven’t preordered it yet it is definitely one you need on your music player.