On Wednesday I was lucky enough to get to interview Paige Young a 21 year old beauty from Chigwell, Essex. As I approached the Lynx Black Space in Shoreditch, I immediately noticed her especially since she had an outfit on I would rock myself.  Also if you know me I have a thing about eyes, and Paige Young has some of the biggest bluest eyes I have seen in a while and I think she’ll have no problems getting a male fan base from that alone. Accompanied with the fact that she has amazing vocals and ambition, I’m sure this young lady will go far.

When I was first sent the video link to Paige’s song ‘All The Way’ featuring Chip my friend I immediately compared her sound to Jhene Aiko. I was told to close my eyes and imagine I did not know whom it was.  I was very happy with what I heard. Now the song is not exactly PG 13 but it has the elements of a song about what is going to go down between herself and her man. Chip obviously does not disappoint either and brings a refreshing rap mid song that emphasises everything Paige Young is saying. This is just one of many tracks that is going to be on Paige’s album Polaroid due out on 7th July. Although Paige says her sound is ‘urban and edgy with elements of pop’ she wants to be remembered not just for her vocals but also her performing as she says Beyonce and Rihanna are her musical inspirations.

Currently single Paige voiced that she would snog Trey Songz, Marry Chris Brown despite the drama it could be and share August Alsina as she would not avoid him. A girl after my own heart I don’t think I would be able to pick between that trio either, however, Paige would like to find someone but ‘having enough time is something she finds gets in the way’. Never the less she is still very positive about relationships and if the 21st birthday party I asked her to imagine had happened and was thrown by ASAP Rocky, she would have had ‘haribos, hot guys and a performance from him’. I think we should reach out, I would definitely attend if there were hot guys, sweeties and performances although Paige has said that all the parties she has ever thrown have been ‘wild’. Even more reason to attend in my eyes!

After Paige telling me I had lovely legs I must admit I was feeling very flattered and also inspired as I left the interview. She was just getting ready to go off to Miami for the BET Awards 2015 and she said she had an amazing Balmain dress she would be wearing out there, I am sure she will look stunning. Even though she says she is a ‘plain girl at heart’ I think the singer will be showing us a very complex side when we are let into her world on her album.