At some point last year my son Antoine told me that he wanted to go to the Shard in London. We finally managed to go this February and even though it wasn’t a brilliantly sunny day (we do live in England) we had an amazing time.

I used to find it strange when Antoine came out with the requests to go to these places but as a parent it’s my responsibility to try and make them happen. I try to teach Antoine constantly if you work hard for something you can reap the rewards. His most recent work I cannot wait to share with you all.

As for me I have been a busy bee, I have a lot of videos coming up and I am getting ready to release my book. I am excited but scared at the same time, what if everyone hates it and gives me bad reviews? Then I remind myself what if they love it the possibilities for ‘The Critrun’ become endless.

Latoya Lovell