Life is about moments and memories and for some reason we always remember specific points in time when things happen, a first kiss, a first heartbreak and a first death. If you’re lucky there will be other moments that overshadow these or maybe you’ve just not experienced them as yet. For the rest of us they exist and I experienced them all last year and thought I would not survive them, when they ceased to exist. The funny thing about humans though, we are a lot more resilient than we realise. My firsts’ were not firsts’ but they still seemed as fresh as the first time any of them happened to me.

When I am writing I use my real life as inspiration and it is not always easy to admit the good, the bad and the ugly that has happened, but they are moments that other people have been through too. I can try and seem like a superwoman and untouchable like nothing bad has ever happened to me. However, I live in the real world and you cannot experience the sun without the rain. A cliché phrase I know but it is cliché because it is true. I truly feel the only way to not get hurt is to cut yourself off from everything and unless I want to be a hermit that is not going to happen so I go through the pain of a first kiss with someone, I may fall in love, but I am accountable for my own actions. This is something I am still learning even though I am in my 20’s and would’ve hoped that I would be past these lessons by now.

I spoke to a friend recently and after only two and a half weeks he is ready to be exclusive with someone and I admired his bravery. He keeps trying regardless of the fact that he has been hurt before and could be hurt again. My first extinct screamed flight when he asked for my opinion before realising that he is a braver person to be willing to try than someone who lets it affect their whole life. Who knows where that story may lead but I respect him regardless for trying and it made me stop and think about myself. I am an adventurer, I believe in true love and having fun and fae-janu. Well I know fae-janu don’t really exist but if I stop believing in things how will I ever complete my series of books? Life is not meant to be easy and if it was, it would be boring. I think that we should all be trying to enjoy the time and the moments that we have as life is too short, try and do as much as possible whilst we can. At the very least we owe it to ourselves to believe in the magic that we have within us and keep battling on because in the end all that matters is how we feel about ourselves. I for one intend to keep trying no matter what or who hurts me, and for the bad experiences I have had I will still try to be the best person I can be, as life is too short to sit back and not take a chance at having some fun and happiness.