Living in reality sometimes can be boring and I often think that is why I escape through my writing. However, recently my life has started to go in the direction I would like it to be and have imagined. I suppose this image above made me think about living in a dream world. Imagine if everyone around you was a cartoon and you were real just like in Roger Rabbit, what would you do for the day?

This week overall has consisted of going to auditions with Antoine and prepping for my Cadet interview. It has been very hectic; I always think would I swap my life? No I would not, I suppose the busier I am the happier I am. The highlight of my week was interviewing Cadet and then going to relax on a Yacht Hotel. Cadet himself was very inspirational and often when I meet artists’ who are on their journey that I realise that when you work, it is not about the money, you should be in the job you want to do. You should follow your passion, I have been for the last few years and I have never been happier. It has not always been easy especially when the money has not always flowed but as I approach my final hurdles I cannot help but think that regardless of what people think I have achieved something and my family and friends are proud of me. I put a picture on my Facebook this week that said ‘I want to inspire someone, I want someone to say because of you, I did not give up’.


If I can have that impact on just one person I will be happy, I know that not everyone wants to be inspiring, some people just want a quiet life. However, I think if you have been given a talent then there is nothing better than sharing this with people. I for one will be doing what I can to make a difference and I hope you have the courage to as well.