Book Cover

Honesty is the best policy or so we’re told and that’s the best way to let you into my world. To help make this happen I have just met with Palamedes a PR company who will help me share my story with you. My book begins when I was at the lowest point of my life, November 2013, think of a bad year topped off with the feeling of disappointing everyone and I was heartbroken. You see I fell in love with someone who was just a friend and I didn’t even realise it had happened. When I did realise it didn’t matter I thought I was stronger than I was and when it all went South I was devastated. Following this I suppose I went through some sort of depression and it was here I made the decision to write my story.

However the beauty of it was I could pick my own ending, if she wanted she could have whoever she pleased and it could be filled with all sorts of wonderful things and worlds. If people love it then that’s amazing, however regardless I will continue to write these series of books because if I learnt one thing through that tough time it’s that I will always keep trying.