It has been a busy few days but I will not complain because thanks to you my Kickstarter is now funded. This does not mean I will stop though because the sky is the limit and I really want you to help get the word out about the Critrun Project. When I first started this I was a young woman with a big dream and there have often been times where I have wondered whether to stop. Luckily I have not and now I know that I do have support it has fuelled me on even further.

Now the last few weeks I have managed to do some interviews and attend an EP launch for Paige Young, which was amazing but now it is time to focus on my personal goals. I remember when I first started this that I almost didn’t know what to do after I worked so hard and I was unable to get onto a crowdfundind site called unbound. Instead of giving up, I decided to take the advice I always give my son, which is to keep trying. This is when I decided to launch on Kickstarter and I have never looked back, luckily as I said previously I have the funding coming in to help with what I need to do to launch my book. Also I am starting to speak to you personally, my audience which I really like. I used to feel isolated so to finally talk to others and realise how many people go through similar situations is a comfort. I thought in honour of the Kickstarter being funded, I would release a second book cover to ‘The Critrun’, I hope you like it. I would love you to let me know what you think and do not forget to read the first chapter which I have put on the website page ‘Critrun’. Tweet me or Facebook me and let me know what you think. I welcome your feedback about the project and also what you like most about the first chapter. I can only make this book the best it can be from your feedback. So thank you in advance for everything you have already done and for being a part of The Critrun Series. Remember to tweet me and tell me your thoughts.
Remember you can preorder The Critrun on Kickstarter now just click HERE
Latoya Lovell