Fast and Furious is one of the films that I always go to see with my Family; considering it’s about family it seems only right. Last Friday I travelled to Crawley with my Family and their spouses or partners. We went for dinner at a place called Turtle Bay and I must admit I had the meat free options as I gave up Meat for Lent and it was Good Friday. After stuffing my face with Jerk Pit Prawns and the Run down (a dish consisting of Butter Beans, Sweet Potato and Coconut milk) we headed off to see Fast 8 in 4D.

I don’t want to give away too much about the film but as I said, one thing I love about the Fast and Furious Franchise is that the motto is Family First. I have not always been the best sibling, I think that’s impossible because we are all human and we will make mistakes. However, my Family are my biggest support system through everything and for that I am grateful. Yesterday was Easter and there are a lot of people who may be alone (if they even celebrate it).  One thing I would advise through good or bad times is doing something you enjoy, I recently got back into writing poetry and because of this I have asked my niece and son to write some poetry. When I turned up at my Mum’s house yesterday my niece had written a poem about Easter and I was so proud that she is still trying to write Poems independently just because she wants to instead of me asking like before.

I have always said that if I can make a difference for one child then I feel like I have achieved something. This week has marked Antoine finishing his first script at the age of 9 and I also took him with me to interview Reggie N Bollie, where he did his own mini interview. I was so proud of him but everyone said, “What did I expect with what I do?” This week alone I have interviewed Pharoah, P Money, The B Simone, Reggie N Bollie and Eric Bellinger. It has been a busy week and I am super happy with what I have achieved.

After my last interview with Eric Bellinger, I stayed and watched a second platform called Growth Daily interview him and one thing that resonated with me, Eric Bellinger makes Vision Boards. I loved this idea and I intend on doing these at home with my son and my partner. I believe it helps you stay focused and also makes you remember what you are trying to achieve.  For now though I hope you enjoy this poem written by my niece about Easter and if you feel like writing some. Then do it and share it with me I would love to hear from you. X


Easter Eggs, Easter Bunnies,

Lots of Chocolate to fill our tummies.

Easter Egg hunts are lots of fun,

It’s sad when Easter is over and done.

Easter laughter, Easter joy,

All the Eggs will be destroyed.

It’s meant to be an enjoyable time,

But don’t take any eggs that are mine.


Going downstairs, opening the door,

Seeing those Eggs all over the floor.

Waking up Mum then waking up Dad,

Easter may not be so bad.


Chloe, Age 10