The time is drawing ever nearer to the Latoya Lovell show and I am super excited to launch the rebranded Latoya Lovell. We have filmed 3 episodes so far and tomorrow is the fourth show we are filming and I will be reviewing a few things on the ‘Latoya Lovell Extra show’, however it’s time for a hair update.

In the first episode of the Latoya Lovell Extra Show I introduce you to a new hair company that my sister discovered called Maui moisture. Now my sister always keeps me current with the latest hair products but the reason this one jumped out was how affordable it was (£5.99 in the Boots sale) and how locally I could get it. Now I am a Naturalista at heart, with a wig chucked in here and there, but after the massive uproar about Shea Moisture allegedly changing their formula, I was on the hunt for a new range of products.

Maui Moisture ticks so many boxes that are important to me:

  • No Mineral Oils
  • No Silicones
  • No SLS
  • No Sulfate Surfactants
  • No synthetic Dyes and
  • No ALES

Now factor in that it is Vegan friendly and uses Aloe Vera Juice and Coconut water as a base instead of deionised water which most other brands use, you can imagine what my hair must be like.

Which one am I using you ask? After my sister and I spoke long and hard and decided on the coconut milk range I did the natural Latoya Lovell thing and went to Boots to check out what they had. I did not want to wait on a delivery after all sometimes I can be very impatient. I walked into Boots in Westfield Shepherd’s Bush and it was the first display that I saw as I entered. I saw the bright blue bottle which meant my coconut milk range was in stock but it was not that easy. Upon closer inspection, I realised that there was a range that contained Bamboo Fibers for weak and brittle hair. Now although my hair is not weak and brittle I liked the fact it said it coated your hair with Bamboo fibers to make your hair denser and stronger. Every little helps, right? I walked to the till and purchased the shampoo and conditioner and my Maui Moisture journey began.


Fast Forward 4 weeks and 4 shampoos and conditions once a week, the result? My hair is happier than ever, in fact I would go as far to say that my curls have clumped together more and my hair feels stronger than ever. I always check with my hairdresser just to make sure that there are no adverse effects of using something that is for weak and brittle hair and I was told my usage of once a week is absolutely fine. Now I am on the hunt for the rest of the range as they have styling products and natural curling smoothie products. I think it’s time I start learning how to do twist outs but for now I would love if you could tag me in your twist outs so I have some hairspiration! Don’t forget to use the #ShowLLYourTwistOut so I can see your style and also, I will be gifting a selection of one of the Maui ranges to whoever does the best twist out. The winner will be announced on episode 8 of the ‘Latoya Lovell Extra show’ on Youtube, don’t forget we are only recording episode four so you have time. I cannot wait to see what you come up with but for now it’s time for me to go and wash this conditioner off and get my Maui Moisture on!