Using the right brushes when doing your hair is so important especially if you change your style a lot like I do. I have been doing photoshoots for myself and also for other people but as everyone is slowing down for Christmas I have been working away. Recently I have been doing more hair modelling because I have an amazing hair stylist (Patience Aurelien) who creates editorials for magazines. She was also nominated for ‘Weave Stylist of the Year’ recently but that’s for another blog post. When Patience first started doing my hair Several months ago, I worried constantly about heat damage as I felt I was blowdrying my hair a lot more than I ever had. However I noticed 2 things about Patience, my hair was always healthy after she had blow-dried it and her brushes were always pretty.

After my 3rd shoot with Patience my curiosity got the better of me and when we had finished our shoot, I got straight onto the computer to have a look at their brush range ( Let me tell you if you are thinking about gifts for Valentine’s day you need to send your partner shopping. Olivia Garden (founded 1967 in Belgium) is recognised across the hair industry because of their innovative products by all the top salons. Olivia Garden has over 350 products including brushes, shears, clothes and combs, as well as other hair styling accessories which are all there to help give your hair that extra added care when styling. If you go into a hairdressers’ and they do not know about these brushes then this is your chance to educate your hairdresser and be the one who teaches them something new. The colour ranges on the website for the blow-drying brushes ranged from Pink to Black to a wooden Bamboo design. I don’t know if it’s a phase I am going through (I like to think I am becoming an eco warrior) but I have definitely got my eye on the Bamboo set, although that could be because it has a lovely stand for the brushes as well. Whatever it is I will definitely be putting it on my wish list for 2018.

Olivia Garden Bamboo Styling Brushes

Olivia Garden Bamboo Styling Brushes

A month ago, Patience and I ran a competition and gave a set of Pink brushes away which had been crystallised by KM Cases with my second love, Swarovski. The Pink Series set contained 3 different sized Barrel Brushes and a Paddle Brush which are the basics, I would say for a home set up. I cannot lie though my home set up consists of just the one Paddle brush, (I’m starting to regret the Jimmy Choo Sunglasses as this may have been more practical for my own Christmas present). However before any of this started, Patience sat me down and explained why Olivia Garden brushes are one of the best for anyone, not just hair stylists:

  • Tourmaline-Ion Technology reduces static electricity of the hair and closes the cuticle layers of the hair preventing your hair from drying out. Great when you’re having your hair styled all the time, let’s avoid the heat damage ladies.
  • Ceramic Barrels make sure that the heat from the hairdryer is distributed evenly and with a good flow of air so hair is not overheated or becomes dry. This makes styling hair gentler especially if like me you are changing your hair style several times a week.
  • Unique Patented Handle Design means that there is no snagging of hair when you are drying it and it is also made from an anti-slip material. One thing that surprised me was when Patience pulled a retractable sectioning pick from the end of the brush and reattached it to the base of the Barrel. It means you don’t need a comb to separate or tease your hair. Convenient if I do say so myself.

So it may be too late to add these to your Christmas List but that does not mean that you should not still try and find some of the brushes before the year is out. If you are lucky you can still add it onto the list but I always say that you should buy your own Christmas present as well so maybe this would be a good investment. What could possibly be better than having shiny, healthy hair that you know isn’t going to get Dry or Brittle from your blowdrying? If you think of anything better, let me know on Twitter @LatoyaLovl because I do not think my hair would be as healthy if I was not as fussy with my hair care and I didn’t have Patience Aurelien styling me the way she does. xoxo