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So I thought about the problems that I have encountered as a woman and then thought I would share the solutions. The solutions that have worked for me and the solutions that have worked for the women around me.

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Recently the Black Panther movies was release in the cinema and I think they tried to show people, including myself, the strength that can actually come from the black community, the strength that we can get when we support each other, when we help each other.

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Dear Melanin Woman, Firstly, let me say, please do not despair, No it shouldn’t matter how light or dark you are nor the texture of your hair.

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<strong><em>Using the right brushes</em></strong>

when doing your hair is so important especially if you change your style a lot like I do.

<strong><em>It was a typical Thursday night in Shoreditch</em></strong>

except I was drinking a cocktail at an adult Ball Pit.

<strong><em>Now my sister always</em></strong>

keeps me current with the latest hair products but the reason this one jumped out was how affordable it was

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland Closing Family Day Party

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland Closing Family Day Party

So yesterday was the final day at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. It was a family day so there was no alcohol being sold or allowed on site. I decided to take the boys for a fun day out. We learnt some circus tricks and I have realised I need to work on my Hula Hoop...

Look Mate X Emily Carter

Look Mate X Emily Carter

My twin has several photos of socks on her phone but after spending an evening with socks and Prosecco I may be taking a few sock selfies myself. Most commonly the UK is known for Tea and Crumpets but we have some hidden treasures when it comes to designers. I was...

We Are Tea’s – Gin and Tea Event

We Are Tea’s – Gin and Tea Event

Several brands will say they’re sustainable but only a few have ever wowed me with actually showing their commitment, We Are Tea, is one of the brands that not only put on a great evening but also showed how environmentally friendly they are. I was lucky enough to...

Empress Cook Up

Empress Cook Up

People complain that when it comes to business their friends barely support but they’ll buy a Jay-Z and Beyoncé OTRII Tour Ticket.  As an Influencer, it means that I get to highlight not just the big brands but my friends who I do see trying to break through. Firstly,...