I often look at my life and see it like Pond, and I know that sounds bizarre but it’s my truth. Before you think I have lost my mind let me explain what I mean and bare with me. Think of life as an Pond and think of life events as stones that get thrown in the pond. I’m hoping you’re still following where I am going with this.

Let’s say that the stones or life events that get thrown at you will come in all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes a stone may be tiny and cause the smallest ripple but every so often you can be thrown a rock that causes a splash and waves. For me, these rocks can range from my son getting his first casting or my boyfriend moving in. However, how do we cope when one of the rocks is negative because the waves can seem like a tsunami at this point and a storm can seem endless. One rock that landed in my pond recently was unfortunately a negative one. A little girl told my son’s friend “You cannot afford anything nice because you’re Jamaican” Now my son is only 9 and had never experienced racism before but something must not have sat right with him that day because he waited until we were alone to ask me about it. When he told me exactly what happened, I must admit I felt sad not only for my son but for the little girl who made the comment. You see in my eyes racism is taught she wouldn’t have made that up she would have heard someone saying that and regurgitated it like word vomit.

Explaining to my son afterwards that some people are going to not like him because of his skin colour was a very difficult conversation but as a Melinated Woman I knew it would happen. I would like to point out at this point that racism can go both ways and against any race, however I am speaking of what I am currently dealing with and what I have been through recently. It is not easy being a parent sometimes and having to answer certain questions can be very uncomfortable but necessary. It got me writing my second poem, however, which I have dedicated to my son. After all he is always and will always be my inspiration. So Antoine my message to you is to always keep smiling, keep positive and remember like you always say to me it’s what’s on the inside that counts.


Dear Melanin Boy,

Please do not be discouraged when you see people cross the road,

The stigma attached to you is not true because you wear a hoody and baggy clothes.

Stop hanging around idly on the road with nothing to do young boy,

You need to educate yourself otherwise you will not be the one they employ.

The excuses will always be vast and wide as to why you won’t succeed,

But what you need to remember is the media has to plant that negative seed.

They will not tell you that we were Kings and Queens of Egypt and other countries,

They will tell you about being beaten, gentrification and all our slaveries.

They started a while ago to cause a divide between the sexes,

They say the ‘Black Woman’ is too much work and easily she vexes.

Well can I please remind you of something that is much more true,

Those ‘Black Woman’ they talk about are your mums and sisters too.

Do not get me wrong because You say you want a natural girl,

But when you’re looking on your social media would your likes show that to the world.

Or would they see another Black Boy looking at the girl with weave to her bum,

Yet your saying you want a natural girl who reminds you of your mum.

It’s like a game of snap when two cards should always be the same,

Do not say that is what you want then get a girl because of Instagram fame.

I’m not saying you have to be with a black girl and that is the solution,

But at least support your women too and help end the noise pollution.

Tell your sisters and mothers you love them in their natural state,

Watch the changes happen as we strengthen it’s not too late.

In exchange they’ll support you, like the nations did before,

Let’s fight back against their division of us and forget this gender war.

The solution is so simple and I will tell you what is key,

Some unity amongst us and support is what we need to see.

Let’s start to uplift our own and help each other out,

Let’s stop tearing each other down and take a different route.

You see I have a dream like Martin Luther King said before,

Let’s make the changes needed and love each other more.